Republican Primary August 2016
Dear Fellow Republican:

If you were one of the over 42,000 Republicans that voted for me for governor in 2010, thank you and I hope you’ll support me again. If you did not, please consider the following:

Did you know Idaho has the 2nd worst income per capita in the U.S. and the worst business tax climate index in the Northwest? The main reason is because the federal government controls 2/3rds of Idaho land and has shut down most logging, mining, and other natural resource income? Consequently in 2011, one out of seven Idahoans was on Medicaid with 235,000 receiving food stamps. Idaho is sixth on the foreclosure list with unemployment and underemployment near 16%. The federal debt will soon be above 16 trillion, while Congress has proven it cannot stop its insatiable appetite to spend.

What does this mean? Idaho is headed for a train wreck! Soon the federal government will become insolvent and the United States will become bankrupt. Idahoans who have become dependent on federal monies for subsistence and subsidies will become destitute and desperate. Chaos and anarchy will ensue.

What can we do? We must become sovereign and independent of the federal government! How do we do this? We start by electing different leaders. If we keep sending the same kind of people to Boise and Washington D.C., should we expect different results?

We need to elect more Constitutional Conservatives!

If elected to be District 7’s State Representative following are just some of the arguments I intend to make.

1) Legislation mandating the Attorney General of Idaho files a lawsuit against the federal government in both federal and state court over the true ownership of Idaho’s public land. I believe, as found in my book, A Nation Divided: The War for America’s Soul, the Forest Reserve Act of 1891 was unconstitutional and Idaho never entered the Union on equal footing as required by the Northwest Ordinance. The Act has never been challenged. It is time!

2) Eliminate Idaho’s personal and corporate income tax. Idaho’s business tax climate index is the worst in the Northwest. It is hard to compete with states like Wyoming, Nevada, and Washington who have no personal or corporate income tax. To make matters worse Montana and Oregon have no sales tax. If we could eliminate the income tax and get control over our natural resources, there would be a mass migration of people who would move to Idaho to do business. Instead of ranking 2nd worst in income per capita, we could move to the top.

3) Reform Idaho’s public education system. In order to balance Idaho’s budget if we eliminate the personal and corporate income tax, we will have to move complete control over public education back to the parents and communities. At the local level public education can be redefined and straight lined making it more effective and efficient. Think of it this way; instead of sending a billion dollars of taxes to Boise, so they can pay for the bureaucracy and then redistribute the rest with mandates over its use, we leave that money home and let the parents and communities educate their children the way they see most appropriate. The state will still be required to provide block money on a per student basis, but will lose its mandates, except as required by Idaho’s Constitution. It is time to rethink the way Idaho educates its citizens!

4) Restore a Constitutional Fully Informed Jury system to our courts. Our jury system has become so eroded that it is impossible to get a fair trial. Judges control the outcome of jury trials by instructing the jury on what they can and cannot do. Jurors have the right to vote their conscience and judge both the law and the facts. They are the last firewall of freedom to protect the people from the government.

5) Reform the Idaho Fish and Game; my personal favorite. Instead of one commissioner per region, we should have seven volunteer citizens elected to each of the seven regions, creating independent regional fish and game commissions with complete authority to make decisions concerning fish and wildlife. Our current Fish and Game commission continues to believe that if wolf numbers are maintained in the 700 head range, the wolf advocates will not try to relist them on to the endangered species list. This line of thinking is one of the reasons we need to reform the Idaho Fish and Game. At present numbers, even after killing some 300 wolves, our elk herds at still headed for extinction. Let’s put hunters and fishermen who know the dynamics the best in control. They will make the best decisions to protect and propagate our fish and wildlife.

6) Consolidate all law enforcement. America has turned into a police state. On every corner there is a police officer with a gun in your face. It is time we change this. The county sheriff is the chief enforcement officer of the county. No law should be enforced except by the sheriff. All federal employees that persist in carrying weapons and enforcing federal law in Idaho should be arrested. Furthermore, the enforcement of all Idaho Fish and Game laws should be turned over to the county sheriff. It will save Idaho millions of dollars, which can then be used for fish and wildlife management. We should also eliminate all city police departments and officers. It is a waste of taxpayer money to double up on enforcement.

7) Eliminate the concealed weapons permit. Four states have already made it legal to carry concealed weapons without a permit. It is a shame Idaho is not one of them. Do our leaders really believe dangerous people will make sure they have a permit before they shoot someone? It is nothing but a needless regulation that is unconstitutional. Idaho we can do better!

8) Reform Idaho’s election system. Idaho should be a runoff state. Many good candidates are eliminated through vote splitting. Idaho should have runoffs between the top candidates until one of them receives 50% + 1 vote.