Republican Primary May 15, 2012
I am a firm believer in the free market philosophy "Laissez Faire", which means "Let it be". I am confident that if the Federal government would confine its role to protecting our rights to life, liberty, and property as enumerated in Article 1, Section 8 of the United States Constitution, the free market would self regulate the boom and bust cycles of our economy.

Would there continue to be economic bubbles that burst? Of course; but they would not even be close to the scale we are currently facing. Market corrections are as necessary to capitalism as is freedom. The economy of the United States and the world is far too complicated for a group of financial planners to make proper decisions. What ends up happening in their attempts to correct one deficit is they create another much worse. The absolute worst thing they can do is attempt to prevent the inevitable and needed bursting of bubbles. This turns a minor recession into a major and painful correction.

The only way capitalism can excel is in a true free market setting with laws created to assure fair play. Until our legislators learn that over-regulation and excessive taxation kills economic growth, America and the world will continue to struggle.

I strongly opposed the "Bailouts". I believe the best thing would have been to allow the correction to occur, learn from our mistakes, and put the free market back in control of the economy. In order to put the free market back in control, I support the abolition of the Federal Reserve and a return to the Gold Standard.
Medical expenses continue to sky rocket because the government is subsidizing (socializing) health care through government run programs. Why would costs go down when the health care industry is guaranteed government support through Medicaid, Medicare, and State Children’s Health Insurance Plans? It is an improper role for government to provide health insurance for the people of America. The proper ‘state’ role is assuring the people the system is fair. One needs look no further than Massachusetts to see what government mandated health insurance does to medical costs.

The answer lies largely in eliminating the tax deduction for employer-based insurance. This will move insurance to an individual-based system, where the free market (competition) and the pocket book (individual responsibility) will determine prices, not the government.
There are between 12 and 20 million illegal immigrants in the United States today. Why should we expect them to keep our laws when their first act was to break them? First, we need to secure our border with Mexico. I support the building of the border fence and an increase in the border patrol.

Second, the law needs enforced on anyone who hires an illegal alien. A system must be in place wherein employers can easily check the legal status of all their potential employees. We must demand that no illegal be given a job. If that means getting tough with employers, so be it. If there are no jobs, many of the illegal aliens will return home. I also support law prohibiting all people who are not citizens or legal residents from all welfare programs. I would remove all federal mandatory requirements from hospitals to serve these people. For those who will not willingly return home, they must be deported.

I support a program wherein foreign workers could apply for a one-time, renewable three-year visa if matched with an employer(s). For those who would like to use our health system, they can get insurance or pay out of their pockets like everyone else. Workers would be invited on a temporary basis only and with the exclusion of their families. There can be no free handouts any more, especially if you are not a United States citizen.

As far as Mexico or any other nation goes, I support all measures to help them establish an economically sound country to increase their peoples’ standard of living, with the exception of federal funds. Helping them create a free market system is the answer to their and our problems.
Education is the province and responsibility of the parents, not the government! Federal government education mandates are not only unconstitutional (please find 'the education of the citizenry' as an enumerated power in the U.S. Constitution), but a patent violation of parental rights to determine what kind of education their children receive. All of the evil empires that have ever existed have dictated what their youth would learn and by whom.

I oppose "No Child Left Behind" and would sponsor a bill to have it repealed. Let the parents take responsibility for their children and let the teachers teach!
Presidents Coolidge, Kennedy, Reagan, and Bush have proven that cutting taxes stimulates the economy and increases revenue. The Democrats are committed to repealing the Bush Tax Cuts of 2001 and 2003, which are due to expire in 2010. It is a high priority for me that the Bush Tax Cuts remain permanent and the death tax is permanently repealed. Furthermore, I believe the federal tax system is in desperate need of major reform. I support a flat tax, which would not only simplify tax preparations, but would lower taxes even further. I have signed the Americans for Tax Reform pledge to oppose all tax increases. Furthermore, it is my pledge not only to oppose all tax increases, but to vigilantly work to reduce them to the absolute minimum required for a limited federal government.

The Constitution was founded on the principle of a limited federal government empowered to do only those things which the States could not do for themselves. Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution lists those things. The Tenth Amendment reserves to the States all powers not specifically delegated to the Federal. I pledge that I will work to return federal spending only as allowed by the Constitution and to make America debt free. I support a “Balanced Budget Amendment” to the Constitution. The day is long overdue when our Representatives and Senators vote in compliance with the Constitution and stop spending us into bankruptcy. I also pledge to never support an earmark. If the spending is a legitimate expense it should have no problem going through the proper appropriations channel.

I support the Enumerated Powers Act. The Act would require each act of Congress to contain a concise and definite statement of constitutional authority relied upon for enactment.
America cannot rely on other nations for our energy, especially when the politics of world trade are so volatile. We must do everything we can to provide for our own energy needs. I support all forms of energy production including oil, natural gas, coal, nuclear, wind, solar, geothermal, and hydro. In particular, I believe we have overlooked the safety and efficacy of nuclear power and support the building of more nuclear power plants. I also support the principle that energy production is not a function of government. America will be energy independent, prices will be lower, quality and service will be greater, when it is turned over completely to private industry.
I do not support the theory that man is primarily responsible for global warming. There is too much science to the contrary. I believe carbon trading to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the air is an economy killer and frankly is possibly the greatest hoax ever played on the human race. Carbon dioxide is one of the most vital gases in our environment. It feeds plant growth. If the world continues to warm (the last ten years it has cooled) and the amount of carbon dioxide rises, we will see a greener more vibrant world. Agriculture land will produce more food for man and animals and energy demand for heating during the cold months will decrease. I see no down side to a slight increase in the temperature to the globe. The catastrophic consequences predicted by the doomsayers are evidence of their lack of faith in a Supreme Being who holds the creation and the future of the world in His hands.
I support multiple use of our public lands; recreation, grazing, logging, and mining. Our public lands are a vast supply of natural resources and can be used effectively to strengthen our economy, while still managing them in an environmentally friendly manner.

I oppose any efforts to create more Wilderness areas that prevent access to our public lands. This does not mean I support building major thoroughfares through the mountains or oppose any regulations of their use. On the contrary, I enjoy their pristine beauty as much as anyone and I pledge to support its continuation. However, I do not support the concept that our public lands are best set aside from human use. We need the natural resources for our economy and I believe a balance can be reached between multiple use and environment protection.

I support select cutting of old growth and high density timber stands, along with controlled burns to prevent wildfires. Thinning is good for the forest, good for the wildlife, and good for the economy. Our current "hands-off" burn policy is a waste of natural resources and is a policy I would work hard to repeal.

I believe wolves need to be eliminated. Their predation of our big game herds and depredation to our livestock is unsustainable. The damage to Yellowstone’s great herds by the wolves is indisputable. It is either the wolves or the native wildlife, it can not be both. I choose the native wildlife and pledge to fight against the continuation of wolves in the lower 48.